Reach Your Target Demo With Advertising Solutions Is A Solid Advertising Investment

The cross-generational appeal of Truth or Dare combined with a dynamic online game format have already made one of the top 4 Google results for "truth or dare" searches, and one of the most popular new sites on the internet.

Tordol provides users with free access to hundreds of categorized truth or dare submissions, each carefully edited for quality and content to ensure playability and fun. Because the site is based on a party game, each user session typically contains multiple players, which means your ads are reaching a larger audience. Because the content is high quality and continually improved, users keep coming back.

Tordol also guarantees a full 30 second, exclusive exposure for each ad. This is made possible by an elegant blending of advertising and game play which provides your commercial message without disrupting players. Screens are designed to ensure ad visibility, and each ad must be viewed for 30 seconds before a player may progress through the game.

High Exposure At Low Cost

In its first three months, is already logging 6-10 thousand hits and hundreds of unique impressions each day, with average users spending over 43 minutes on the site and viewing an excess of 60 ads. also ensures targeted exposre with categorized content that appeals to a range of specific and quantifiable demographic groups. Currently, our highest site use demographic profiles include:

Demographic Profile Data (Top 4, Listed Highest To Lowest, Updated 8/1/04)

  • #1 - Girls, females aged 10-18 (G / PG-13 Content Areas)
  • #2 - College age males, females aged 18-25 (PG-13 / R Content Areas) with a moderate disposable income. Primarily college students.
  • #3 - Adult males, females aged 30-45 (R / X Content Areas) with a moderate to high disposable income. Includes couples and adventurous singles.
  • #4 - Alternative lifestyle males, females aged 18-45 (R / X / FF-MM Content Areas) with moderate disposable income.
Effective And Cost-Effective Advertising Solutions

Your advertisement can be targeted to a specific demographic group by limiting its display to one or more content categories: G, PG-13, R, or X. This stratification ensures that your ad reaches the appropriate audience every time. You can also limit your add to Male-Female, All Male or All Female groups.

Ads are billed at flat rates per month with no additional fees for click through or impressions. Exposure is provided equally among advertisers in each content area.

Product Placement And Other Exciting Promotional Ideas

Parties need party supplies. In fact, Truth or Dare games use a wide variety of goods ranging from food and drinks to toys for all ages! If you would like to sponsor a themed question list around your product, or have your product promoted by name in questions and dares, we can work with you to develop an exciting solution.

For example, we can develop a themed "truth or dare" list that revolves around your brand of Soda or Beer. Truth questions would tie in to the product, while dares would require use of the product in zany stunts.

We can also provide a branded or customized version of this site as part of an existing or new campaign, filled with content that you specify.

For quotes on other advertising needs or any other general information please contact us at:

A Commitment To Excellence

We also rely on user feedback to tune and improve our site through instant content feedback which automatically removes unpopular content and flags inappropriate content for administrative review.

Banner Advertising Rates

Flat rate banner advertisements are available for immediate purchase. Each ad may be to to 600 x 64 pixels, with a maximum of 50k in weight. Acceptable formats include GIF, JPG, FLASH or remotely hosted banners. Our staff will be happy to assist you in converting or creating an ad for your product, if needed.

NOTE: As part of our commitment to site users and existing advertisers, we do not allow the use of pop-up, pop-behind, or spyware installation scripts of any kind. Tracking cookies are acceptable.

Advertising Features

Banner Advertisement (1 Month)

Advertise your business or organization and reach thousands of players each month. Provide your email address in comments so that we may contact you to arrange your ad.



Banner Advertisement (1 Year)

Advertise your business or organization and reach thousands of players each month. Provide your email address in comments so that we may contact you to arrange your ad.




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