Choose Your Question Lists and Advanced Options

Now that you have set your preferences, select what lists of questions and dares you would like to use, and other options for your game. Not all features are available to non-subscribers. You may need to scroll to see all the options below. If you are really confused, check out the Help Page or click I'm Ready to Play to keep going!

List Name
All Public Questions and Dares
Includes all public questions and dares that meet your preference settings.
All My Private Questions and Dares
(Default - Basic Subscribers+ Only)
Includes all private questions and dares which meet your preference settings.  
Include "Inappropriate" Content
(Platinum Subscribers+ Only)

Includes all public questions and dares which have been rated as inappropriate. Usually includes content inappropriate for rating level, group, or stuff that is just plain crazy or unpopular.
Include Unapproved and Delisted Content
(Platinum Subscribers+ Only)

Includes all raw submissions that have not yet been administratively reviewed. May include anything. Use at your own risk.
Do Not Repeat Questions or Dares
(Platinum Subscribers+ Only)


Makes each question and dare appear only once per game, or until settings are changed. Note that some dares rely on being selected more than once.

You can clear your "already seen" list by setting your preferences again.

Classic Slumber Party
Topics and stunts suitable for young, all-girl groups. Works in G and PG-13 preference levels.
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Selecting any themed list will automatically disable the "All Public..." and "All Private..." options, since any user with access to a public or private list will always have access to all of the questions.

Private content can not be added to public themed lists, but Platinum level subscribers may create custom lists to mix with existing themed lists.


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